What does business continuity mean to you? It should mean no business downtime, even in the event of a natural or technical disaster.

Odds are your business will experience a server failure, power outage, or even a natural disaster that takes down your IT system. Is your data backed up? Can it be restored in a timely manner? Can you operate during restoration? How would you operate without your data? We’re happy to offer the first-ever backup and disaster recovery solution designed specifically for small business. It has the power of an enterprise solution, yet it’s robust, affordable, and super easy-to-use. And it can fit in the palm of your hand!


Implementing a solution that will backup, protect, and recover your data is easier and more cost effective than you may think.

If your server crashes, we can virtualize your systems to the cloud, and you can keep running your business. That’s business continuity.

Minimize downtime – let us implement and manage a backup and disaster recovery solution for your business. 

Business continuity can be the difference between your business running after a disaster, or not.

Our business continuity solutions are fully HIPAA compliant, giving you peace of mind that your patients’ data is safe.

Solutions designed for business data, files and systems that will keep your business running in the event of a technical or natural disaster.